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Gemini XTR 500 SYS, Powered Satellite Speaker and Subwoofer System

Manufacturer: Gemini
Model Number: XTR 500
Price: $449.99

two 10 Satellite Speakers And One 15 Subwoofer built-in 3-channel Amplifier With 400 Watts Rms Power Handling And Built-in Crossover230 Watts Rms To Subwoofer And 85 Watts Rms Per Channel To Satellitesbalanced Xlr And 1/4 Inputs And Speakon Outputs For Satellitesindividual Channel And Sensitivity And Volume Control

Two 10" satellite speakers and one 15" subwoofer • Built-in 3-channel amplifier with 400 watts RMS power handling and built-in crossover • 230 watts RMS to subwoofer and 85 watts RMS per channel to satellites • Balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs and Speakon outputs for satellites • Individual channel and sensitivity and volume control Note: Speaker Stands are not Included Add $35.00 per stand!

Shipping Cost: $29.99


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