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Gemini CDX-1200 / CDX1200 2U Single CD player

Manufacturer: GEMINI
Model Number: CDX-1200
Price: $155.00

This professional rack-mountable single CD player is compatible with audio CD and CD-Rs. The anti-shock feature uses RAM buffer memory. The attractive face has a large blue backlit LCD display and contains two selectable jog modes: Pitch Bend and Search and an instant-start as well as cue with preview, and single auto-cue/continuous play modes. It allows seamless loop with reloop. Pitch bend via jog wheel or buttons +/- 16%. Three mode time selection. Frame accurate search. Rubber jog wheels with finger grips. Variable pitch control with a +/- 12% range.

Audio CD and CD-R compatible Anti-shock using RAM buffer memory 2 Selectable Jog modes Pitch Bend/Search Instant-start and cue with preview Single auto-cue/continuous play modes Seamless loop with reloop Pitch bend via jog wheel or buttons +/- 16% Three mode time selection Frame accurate search Large blue backlit LCD display Rubber jog wheels with finger grips Variable pitch control with a +/- 12% range Unit Dimensions: 19" x 3.5" x 10" Weight: 13.7 lbs. Shipping: 21 lbs.

Shipping Cost: $25.00



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