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RMS PM10400S 10-Channel Powered Audio/Speaker Mixer

Manufacturer: RMS
Model Number: PM10400S
Price: $520.00

10-Channel Stereo Powered Mixer Phantom Power. 400 Watts (200 X 2). Individual Channel Equalization. 1/4" And XLR Inputs. Individual Monitor Level Control. Stereo 2-Track Input Channel With 3-Band Eq. Dual 7 Band Graphic Equalizer. Effects External Foot S/W. Tape Record And Play Jacks. Has Built In Effects. Reverb, Ddl. Dual 5-Led Level Display.

Phantom power. 400 watts (200 x 2). Individual channel equalization. 1/4” and XLR inputs. Individual monitor level control. Stereo 2-track input channel with 3-band EQ. Dual 7 band graphic equalizer. Effects External foot S/W. Tape record and play jacks

Shipping Cost: $54.00


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