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Manufacturer: SAMSON
Model Number: SMIX
Price: $51.99

The S mix features a balanced Microphone Input on an XLR connector and includes phantom power for connecting condenser microphones. Adding to the mix are two Super-Z, high impedance line inputs on 1/4" connectors. Rounding out the inputs is a Stereo Channel with two inputs on RCA connectors. Individual volume controls for the mic, lines and stereo Channels are also included for enhanced control over the connected signals. And just because this unit is miniature, don’t be surprised by its great Sound and reliability thanks to high quality components and solid build construction.

Includes AC power Adapter 5 channel miniature stereo mixer XLR Balanced microphone input with Phantom Power and Volume control Stereo RCA inputs with Volume control Two 1/4-inch, Super-Z, line level inputs with Volume control RCA, plus 1/4-inch TRS stereo Outputs High quality, low noise op-amps for added headroom and cleaner signal Rugged aluminum extrusion chassis Large rubber bumper feet

Shipping Cost: $12.99


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