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Manufacturer: VOCO PRO
Model Number: KJ7808
Price: $410.00

Professional grade KJ, DJ and VJ mixer with Video Select Toggle/Crossfader DSP Vocal Reverb with Level control Two Main video outputs plus one more for use with a monitor (RCA) DSP Vocal Echo with Level, Repeat and Delay controls Crossfader and video toggle in-one automatically switches video when fading between audio channels 4 microphone channels, each with Master volume sliders and Gain, Bass, Treble and DSP Level controls 5-Band Graphic Equalizer for best fidelity and precision tuning 3 A/V channels each with gain control, volume slider and illuminating signal meter Assignable vocal effects Send/Return channel with Send and Return level controls Assignable 11-step Digital Key Controller Vocal Cancel and Vocal Partner for use with Multiplex CDs Vocal Eliminator reduces or removes vocals from standard CDs LED Output Level Display meter Talkover function with automatic mode Headphone jack with level control 12V DJ lamp jack for professional production 19" rack mountable, requiring only 6 spaces

4 XLR / ¼” microphone 3 L/R RCA audio 3 L/R RCA stereo CD (CD1, CD2, CD3) 3 L/R RCA stereo Phono (PHONO1, PHONO2, PHONO3) 3 RCA video (AV1, AV2, AV3) 1 Remote key control (1/8”) Inputs: 1 Balanced L/R XLR Master 1 Unbalanced L/R RCA Master 1 L/R RCA Record out 1 L/R RCA Auxiliary audio (A/V channels) 1 ¼” microphone (Mono) 1 L.R RCA Booth 2 RCA video (Main) 1 RCA video (monitor) 1 ¼” headphone

Shipping Cost: $18.00


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