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Gemini 2 Channel 6.5 inch Mixer GEM-PS-121X

Manufacturer: GEMINI
Model Number: PS-121X
Price: $69.95

Reach for the Gemini PS-121X when you're itching for a scratch mixer that fits into almost any DJ set up. The portable 2-channel PS-121X is a full-featured DJ mixer despite its deceptively small size. Featuring 2 line/2 phono RCA inputs it's begging for love from your turntables, whether they be the traditional vinyl or newer CD/MP3 types. The PS-121X mixer can even play music from your iPod with an included cable. It also has a 2-band rotary EQ control, rotary gain and cue knobs for easy cue and volume control, and a removable faceplate for replacing the crossfader. A 1/4" headphone output lets you keep track of what's going in and out while a 1/4" mic input gives you the ability to add your own commentary for professional gigs.

Gemini PS-121X 2-Channel DJ Mixer Features: 6.5" 2-channel stereo mixer 2 line/2 phono RCA inputs Ground screw for turntable connectivity 2-band rotary EQ control iPod friendly cable included in package Rotary gain control Rotary Cue knob for easy cue preview Screw-less bottom panel for unobstructed mixing Rotary Cue volume control 1/4" headphone output 1/4" microphone input with volume control Removable faceplate for user-replaceable crossfader Don't let the size fool you. Order today and see what this little guy can do.

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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