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Gemini PS626X Pro 3 Channel DJ Mixer

Manufacturer: GEMINI
Model Number: PS-626X
Price: $105.00

The Gemini PS626X DJ mixer is an incredibly cost effective way to get into a versatile battle-style DJ mixer without blowing your whole bank roll. Features include four channels configured as follows: 6 line inputs, 2 of which are convertible from Line level RCA to Phono level, a single 1/4 inch mic input for talk over, rotary gain and 3-band EQ per channel, User-replaceable RailGlide Crossfader as well as super bright LED VU meters and much more. 10 inch rackmount compatible. Find out why more DJs use Gemini!

6 line, 2 convertible phono/line RCA inputs Ground screw for turntable connectivity Rotary gain channel control 3 band rotary EQ per channel with -30db cuts iPod friendly Cable included in package Screw-less bottom panel for unobstructed mixing User-replaceable RailGlide Crossfader Crossfader Curve and reverse controls Ergonomically designed to be flush with turntable Ultra bright VU meters Fader with Master/Cue option Rotary Cue/PGM Fader 1/4 Inch Mic input 1/4 Inch headphone output RCA Master and Record outputs

Shipping Cost: $14.00


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