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Allen and Heath PA20CP Powered Mixer 20 Channels, 2x500 Watts

Manufacturer: Allen & Heath
Model Number: PA20CP
Price: $1,299.00

The Allen & Heath PA-20CP is a portable 16-channel portable mixer with built in 500 x 500 Watt constant power amplifier. The locking-speakon speaker connections drive power to loud-speakers without any additional amplification; and with enough sufficient power for mid-size clubs, auditoriums, restaurants, small theaters, houses-of-worship, and more. The PA-20CP features a total of 16 input channels, with channels one through 16 featuring mono 1/4" TRS line and balanced XLR microphone inputs. Two dedicated stereo input channels feature 1/4" TRS and RCA phono paired connections for keyboards, returning effects, etc. Both 1/4" and RCA stereo inputs feature individual level controls and may be used simultaneously for a total of four stereo inputs. A built in effects processor provides high quality reverb, chorus and delay effects. The PA-20CP is an excellent solution for small halls, bars, restaurants, karaoke events, theaters, classrooms, houses-of-worship and more.

Operating Levels Channels 0dBu Headroom +21dB Mix: 0dBu Headroom +21dB Main Outputs: 0dBu Headroom +21dB Maximum output: +21dBu Mic Pre-Amp Sensitivity: -60 to +10dBu Stereo input sensitivity: -20 to +30dBu Frequency Response (20Hz-30kHz) Mic to Main output: (+40 dB) +0/-0.5dB Line to Main output (0dB): +0/-0.5dB Distortion at 1kHz +14dBu out THD + Noise (mic in +40dB gain): <0.006% THD + Noise (line in 0dB gain): <0.006% Crosstalk @ 1kHz Adjacent Channel: <-90dB Mute Shutoff: <-95dB Fader Shutoff: <-95dB Noise Performance (22Hz-22kHz unweighted) Mic EIN with 150ohm source: -128dB Residual output noise - main outputs: <-89dBu Connection Impeadances Mic Inputs: 2k ohms Line Inputs: >10k ohms Outputs: <75 ohms Equalization Mono Channel Low Frequency: 60Hz Shelf High Mid Frequency: 500Hz-15kHz Q=1.8 High Frequency: 12kHz Shelf Filter (mono input): 100Hz switchable Metering Reading referred to Main outputs: 0VU = +4dBu Peak indication threshold: 5dB before clipping System Lamp connectors: 1 x 4pin XLR-F Power supply: Internal Power Consumption: 1600W Max Amplifier Preformance Output Power into 8 and 4 ohm loads: 2x500W RMS Frequency Response: (20Hz-30kHz) +0/-0.5dB THD + Noise: <0.02%@1kHz Physical Specifications Dimensions: Width: 29 inches (733 mm) Height: 7 inches (178 mm) Depth: 21 inches (539 mm) Weight: 20 lbs (24kg)

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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