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Phonic PAA2 Handheld Audio Analyzer

Manufacturer: PHONIC
Model Number: PAA2
Price: $349.99

The PAA2 is a highly accurate handheld audio analyzer that gives professional sound engineers a rich array of tools, including 31-band real time spectrum analysis, SPL and Line meter, internal noise generator, EQ setting program, microphone calibration and the ability to check speaker phase. All functions and menus can be accessed through a central jog dial, meaning you only need one hand to operate it. The New PAA2 connects instantly to any desktop or laptop computer for easy upload and download of information and settings. This audio assistant comes loaded with handy features like a real-time spectrum analyzer, phase test, cable test, a noise generator, a jog dial, and visible backlight to help you see your progress in dark environments. The PAA2 is a must-have tool for every serious sound engineer.

31-band Real Time Spectrum Analyzer Built-in calibrated measurement microphone Sound Pressure Level Meter from 30dB~130dB Line signal measurement display in dBu, dBV, or Voltage A, C weighting or flat 3 level range selection for dB SPL and line signal Line signal measuring range: dBu = -50 ~ +40dBu dBV= -52 ~ +38dBV Volts = 5mV ~ +80V Maximum level display Peak hold display 4 standard response times: 35ms, 125ms (F), 250ms (M), 1sec (S) 10 memories for measurement and 6 for average calculation 31-band EQ setting level display (boost/cut) 160 x 160 graphic display with back light and contrast adjustment Phase checker SPL meter Calibration through sound level calibrator (eg: B & K Type 4231) Noise generator with pink noise, 1K Hz and polarity test signal, balanced output Low power consumption for over 4 hours continuous operation with 4 AA size alkaline batteries (Adapter power supply operation available. When power is used from adapter, it automatically cuts off battery power) 3 power modes: (1) Power saving mode: Auto Off- when none of the buttons has been pressed for 15 minutes (2) Manual Off (3) Off XLR input and output sockets RS232 communication port, for simultaneous operation through laptop or PC One CD-ROM with audio test signals and software for PC

Shipping Cost: $12.00


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