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Phonic P8A - 8 3/4-inch 320W 2-Way High Resolution Active Speaker

Manufacturer: PHONIC
Model Number: P8A
Price: $249.99

The Phonic P5A are 320 watt, 2-way bi-amplified speakers providing a dedicated 212 watts of power for the low frequencies and 106 watts for the highs on program. The sleek, attractive design, thunderous bass, clear, extended highs and wide imaging will place them on center stage in your home theatre or studio. They have bi-colored On/Clip indicators, a flat frequency response from 45 Hz - 22 KHz, and a built-in overload protection circuit. Connection is made easy with a balanced 1/4" phone jack and parallel XLR connector, and an input trim control lets you set the level. Whether you own a home studio, are an audiophile who can't accept anything but the best for your home theatre, or a DJ that needs gig speakers that look good, sound great and can travel, these monitor-quality loudspeakers will satisfy everyone's needs.

Bi-amplified design with 212W for the low frequencies and 106W for the highs Flat response from 45 Hz to 22 kHz Extremely wide sweet spot and good imaging Built-in speaker response controls 8 3/4" Woofer, 1" silk-dome tweeter Built-in adjustable high match, low match Room Compensation Magnetically shielded Overload protection Front bi-color (On/Clip) indicator XLR and 1/4" inputs High grade MDF wooden cabinet

Shipping Cost: $15.00


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