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Phonic UM 51 Wireless System with Dynamic Headset Mic, Antenna

Manufacturer: PHONIC
Model Number: UM51
Price: $269.99

Now Phonic provides users with a complete wireless microphone range compatible with their most popular ranges of pro audio gear. The UM31, UM41 and UM51 Wireless Microphones are all compatible with the incredibly popular RoadGear sets, Active Wireless Performer Speakers and Powerpod Plus 865 and 885 Molded Powered Mixers, making them incredibly versatile as well as easy to use.

Dynamic Headset Microphone (MH-10) Wireless Receiver Module with metal casing (UM-R11) Bodypack Transmitter (BT-200) Antenna for Bodypack 16 different UHF channels user selectable Channel ID at bodypack and receiver to see selected frequency AF LED Indicator RF LED Indicator SAW filters for rejection of non-RF content

Shipping Cost: $12.00


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