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Phonic MAX2500 Power Amplifier

Manufacturer: PHONIC
Model Number: MAX2500
Price: $429.99

Phonic MAX2500 Stereo Power Amplifier (1,500 Watts) The PHONIC MAX2500 Stereo Power Amplifier is a newly upgraded version of the PHONIC MAX Series amplifiers for the demanding professional musicians and DJs. The upgraded MAX Series delivers not just quality and crystal clear sound, they also deliver what PHONIC always stands for ¡V reliability, durability and above all, comfortable price that turns heads. Three models (MAX 860 /1500 /2500), range in power from a low of 480 watts to a trembling high of 1200 watts per channel.

Professional quality performance High-current toroidal transformers for greater power and low noise Independent user-defeatable peak limiters reduce distortion Selectable High-Pass filter at 30Hz or 50Hz XLR and 1/4" TRS input jacks Binding post and speakon outputs Front mounted gain controls for easy access Signal and Peak LED indicators to monitor performance Short circuit, thermal, subsonic, RF protection, output DC offset, power on/off muting PHONIC MAX SERIES POWER AMPLIFIER PHONIC entry level power amplifiers are super economical while maintaining solid performance. 5 models provide a range of different power options that are big on features. Input is achieved via 'combo' connectors and output is by either Speakon connectors or traditional binding posts. Common to all models, features such as a ground switch, a user defeatable clip limiter, a selectable high pass filter and the ability to choose stereo, parallel or bridge operating modes make the MAX series ideal for real world, tight budget, power amp application

Shipping Cost: $27.00


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