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Phonic ICON 300 Contractor Amplifier - 2x150W Power Amp

Manufacturer: PHONIC
Model Number: ICON300
Price: $399.99

The ICON 300's binding post outputs allow for connection to standard low impedance speakers and barrier strip outputs enable 25V, 70V and 100V Line operation. Each amplifier channel has a separate toroidal secondary transformer that provides full electrical isolation and ensures maximum audio separation. Features like power up muting, full short-circuit temperature, DC offset protection and a built-in 45 Hz subsonic filter, combine to make the Icon Series an attractive, cost effective solution for any audio installation.

Output power: 2 x 150W @ 70V or 100V Barrier strip connection determines output mode: 25V, 70V, 100V and low impedance outputs available simultaneously Automatic dual-speed, high-efficiency cooling fan Rear panel detented gain controls Stereo, bridge, or parallel operating modes XLR and barrier strip inputs XLR inputs and outputs for easy signal pass through in multi-amp setups Full short-circuit, temperature and DC offset protection Toroidal output transformers provide full electrical isolation and meet worldwide safety standards Built-in 45 Hz subsonic filter prevents speaker transformer saturation with minimal effect on program material

Shipping Cost: $27.00


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