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Phonic Sound Ambassador 35 Deluxe - 35 Watt Mobile Sound System

Manufacturer: PHONIC
Price: $499.99

The Sound Ambassador 35 Deluxe is a totally mobile, self-contained sound system. The unit comes packed with a 6" speaker, built-in amplifier and rechargeable batteries, and can be customized to include anti-shock CD player with MP3 playback, digital MP3 recorder/player and up to two wireless UHF or infrared microphones. A built-in handle makes travel easy. Other important features include 1/4" microphone and line inputs, both with individual volume controls. A Line Out channel with 1/4" phone jack enables two Sound Ambassadors to be linked together. The unit is topped off with a built-in echo effect, protection circuitry and tripod stand mount. All of these features combine to make the Sound Ambassador 35 Deluxe a must-have for traveling presenters, small conferences, schools, classrooms, touring bands, clubs and karaoke.

All-in-one compact mobile Wireless sound system 6” full range speaker and 20 watts RMS power amplifier built-in Built-in DC charging circuit 12 VDC supply from built-in, maintenance-free lead acid type rechargeable batteries, 2.7Ah DC inlet for external power supply Slot for choice of two UHF PLL synthesized diversity or Infrared wireless receiver modules Built-in diversity receiving antennas One 1/4" phone jack for wired microphone input 1/4" phone jacks for line-level input and output Built-in limiter and protection circuitry to minimize distortion and overload Individual volume control for wired and wireless microphones Echo effect with level and time/repeat controls

Shipping Cost: $39.00


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