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FENDER Small portable sound system w/three input

Manufacturer: FENDER
Model Number: PD250PLUS
Price: $700.00

You, only louder! Brought to you by Fender®, the Passport® Deluxe PD-250 PLUS is perfect for presenters, schools, auctioneers & mobile DJs. The Passport® Deluxe PD-250 PLUS is a small portable sound system w/three input channels and a built-in CD player. Sonically superior to the competition, the PD-250 PLUS features 250 watts of Class-D power & Passport’s specialized DSA speaker design that is voiced for music performance & playback. The PD-250 PLUS also “latches” together in a patented, easy to carry suitcase-style form factor for easy transportation & storage. If you speak, perform or just need to be louder.


Shipping Cost: $39.00


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