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Allen & Heath XONE:02 Two-Channel Battle and Scratch Mixer XONE:02

Manufacturer: ALLEN&HEATH
Model Number: XONE02
Price: $459.99

A customizable mixer for every turntablist! From inputs to outputs, Allen & Heath created the Xone:02 to be the world's greatest battle/scratch mixer. Every fader is a deluxe Penny & Giles VCA design and they're all reversible, have contour controls, and they can all be easily removed by removing the steel faceplate. They kept the fader area clean for action and kept controls like pan and EQ out of the way on low profile sliders. Even the transform switches can be rotated to work the way you like them. Don't go into battle with anything less!

2 Dual Stereo Channels Channels have RIAA [RCA] inputs, switchable to line, plus stereo line level inputs [RCA], each with gain control. Powerful 3 band ‘music’ EQ on sliders. High quality 45mm faders. Input reverse switch for battle mixing. Pre fade monitoring on 12 segment 3 colour peak reading bar meters. Mic Channel 2 XLR inputs with separate gain controls, on switch and 3 band EQ with HPF. Routes direct to mix outputs. FX insert on button. Stereo Mix Outputs Balanced mix outputs on XLR with multi-point VCA level master control. The mix output level can be displayed on the 12 segment 3 colour peak reading bar meters. Booth Output RCA outputs with level control for booth / link out to additional ‘daisy-chain’ mixers FX Loop Channels have an effect loop on switch with silent FET switching. Effect insert points are separate [TRS] inputs and outputs. 3 Band EQ Powerful 3 band 12dB/oct EQ with ‘asymmetric’ characteristic: +6dB boost emphasis and -26dB cut for frequency band elimination. VCA Faders High quality dual-rail, gold-contact, conductive plastic 45mm faders with contour control, reverse switch and led. Crossfaders can be upgraded to ultra-high quality Penny & Giles conductive plastic faders, and can be substituted in minutes by removing the faceplate Transform Switches Performance channel mute controls which can be rotated to work up/down or left / right Engineer / DJ's Toolbox High powered headphone output with level and mute switch. Booth / link output on TRS with level. 12 segment 3 colour bar metering displays CH1&2 or mix. Channels have 12 segment 3 colour bar meters. CH1 / CH2 cue fader allows preview of x-fades. PSU High performance internal switched-mode power supply. Universal mains input voltage.

Shipping Cost: $16.99


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