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Alesis MultiMix 16 USB 2.0 16 Channel Mixer with USB MM16USB2.0

Manufacturer: ALESIS
Model Number: MM16USB2.0
Price: $510.00

The MultiMix 16 USB 2.0 is a compact 16 channel tabletop mixer providing USB 2.0 technology for ultra-fast, low-latency, 24–bit/44.1–96kHz (with high-end A/D and D/A conversion) multi-channel audio recording straight to your computer. Designed with low-noise analog electronics, it lets users take advantage of 100 studio-grade 28-bit digital effects. Whether used for mobile or studio recording, the MultiMix 16 USB 2.0 makes recording high-quality audio to your computer fast and easy. Bundled with award-winning Cubase LE software for optimal results.

18 Direct inputs for recording and 2 return inputs for monitoring _High-gain mic/line (XLR and 1/4" balanced) inputs with phantom power, 2 stereo balanced 1/4" _Switchable 75Hz highpass filters _Line inputs, aux send (to onboard or external effects), stereo aux return _100 28-bit onboard preset effects including reverbs, delays, chorus, flanging, pitch and multi-effects _3-band EQ per channel with high/low shelving and mid bandpass/reject _Separate 1/4" balanced main and monitor outs, headphone out _24-bit, 44.1 to 96 kHz operation with high-end A/D and D/A conversion through an integrated USB 2.0 audio interface _Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista (32-bit only) _Steinberg Cubase LE included _Easy-to-attach rackmount ears available

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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