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Alesis USB Pro Electronic Drum Set

Manufacturer: ALESIS
Price: $780.00

USB Pro Drum Kit is the world's first drum set designed to use your Mac or PC as the sound module. Your computer has more processing power than any hardware drum module, and USB Pro Drum Kit makes harnessing that power easy. The true touch of real, tunable, mylar drum heads, combined with the natural feel of brass-alloy SURGE Cymbals creates an acoustic-feeling, great-sounding drumming experience. THE ONLY DRUMMER-FRIENDLY CONTROLLER Just plug the Trigger|iO interface into your Mac or PC's USB port, load up the included copy of FXpansion BFD Lite, and you're ready to play. Because USB Pro Drum Kit is MIDI compatible, you can track a performance, and then go back afterward and tweak your sounds. Try that with acoustic drums! USB Pro Drum Kit also opens up a new world of software including BFD, Toontrack, and Reason to drummers and producers looking for realistic drum performances. ADVANCED DRUM PADS USB Pro Drum Kit's acoustic-feeling drum pads are built around 8” mylar drumheads and acoustic-dampening foam for quiet response. The snare and tom pads are dual-zone, enabling rimshot or rim-click sounds on the snare and additional sounds such as wind chimes, cymbals, gongs, and cowbells on the tom rims. When they wear out, the drumheads can be replaced with any model you choose from any manufacturer. The heads are tunable with a standard drum key for adjustable tension and feel. The triple-flanged counterhoops are covered in removable, sound-reducing rubber sleeves, which further cut acoustic noise. USB Pro Drum Kit includes a self-standing kick tower, to which any model of single or double-bass-drum pedal can be attached. The kick pad also features a tunable, 8” mylar playing surface. CYMBALS WITH BUILT-IN TRIGGERS USB Pro Drum Kit comes with our top-of-the-line SURGE Cymbal Pack with choke: the only serious choice in cymbals for triggering electronics. The kit comes with a 12” SURGE Hi-Hat Cymbal, a 13” SURGE Crash Cymbal with choke, and a 16” SURGE dual-zone Ride Cymbal with choke. Based around a true brass-alloy cymbal and coated with a clear sound-dampening layer, SURGE Cymbals feel like acoustic cymbals because they begin life as just that. The Crash and Ride cymbals feature large choke strips on the undersides for even more attention to accurate cymbal control. The Ride features dual-zone triggers for bell-clanging nuance. And the SURGE Hi-Hat Cymbal is continuously controllable using the included pedal. SURE-GRIP HARDWARE The fully adjustable rack is built of 1½-inch metal tubing, which is standard throughout the drum industry. It's easy to expand USB Pro Drum Kit with any manufacturer's clamps and mounts. All necessary clamps, professional ¼-inch cables, and mounting hardware are included. All clamps adjust with the included drum key. Pad-mounting L-arms feature non-round arms to eliminate slippage from playing. All of the hardware on USB Pro Drum Kit is designed for sure grip and extensive adjustability. No other drumset blends the realistic feel and touch, with the sonic and creative flexibility USB Pro Drum Kit. BFD is a trademark of FXpansion Audio UK Ltd. Toontrack is a registered trademark of Toontrack. Reason is a trademark of Propellerhead Software AB.

Five-piece electronic drumset: kick, snare, three toms, SURGE Hi-Hat, Crash, and dual-zone Ride Cymbals 8” drum pads with tunable mylar drumheads for customizable feel Brass-alloy SURGE cymbals are real cymbals with triggering SURGE Cymbals feature exclusive sound-dampening layer to cut the acoustic noise Dual-zone snare and tom pads enable access to a wide palette of sounds from a standard setup Choke capability on SURGE Crash and Ride cymbals Ultra-fast triggering and intuitive operation Interface accommodates up to 10 inputs including continuous control hi-hat Easy to expand with additional Alesis pads and SURGE Cymbals Includes BFD Lite virtual drum-module with sound library Practice quietly with headphones or connect to a PA to rock out loud INCLUDES: Trigger|iO trigger-to-MIDI interface 8” dual-zone snare pad Three 8” dual-zone tom pads Bass drum pad with tower and mount for single or double pedal (pedal not included) SURGE 12” Hi-Hat Cymbal SURGE 13” Crash Cymbal with choke SURGE 16” dual-zone Ride Cymbal with choke Continuous-control hi-hat pedal Metal drum rack with 1½-inch tubing Complete set of firm-grip hardware mounts Complete set of connection cables Drum key Software CD with FXpansion BFD Lite Owner’s manual SPECS USB Computer Interface 10-1/4" TRS Trigger Inputs 1- 1/4" TS input for Hi Hat Continuous control messages 1- 1/4" TRS input for up/down value footswitch USB 1.1 Jack 1 MIDI Output 20- Presets (can be overwritten) Controller remapping support Trigger|iO Dimensions: 8.5 inch W x 5 inch D x 1.75 inch H Trigger|iO Weight: 1 lb, 15 oz

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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