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TASCAM DR-1 Portable Digital Recorder

Manufacturer: TASCAM
Model Number: DR1
Price: $290.00

The TASCAM DR-1 brings innovative portable recording to a size and price that make it the recorder you can't leave behind. This hand-held portable recorder lets you record live gigs, rehearsals, samples, songs, podcasts, or news events in MP3 or 24-bit WAV format. The DR-1 recorder's built-in stereo condenser microphone can be arranged in variable angles to fit different recording scenarios, such as desktop or shirt-pocket recording. A huge 1GB card is included for hours of recording.

Portable, handheld recording: this stylish recorder is small enough to take anywhere 44.1kHz/24-bit recording resolution: this better-than-CD-quality recording improves on competing MP3 recorders Records to SD Card media, an affordable, compact, solid-state media that is easy to find and can be sold as an accessory MP3 and WAVE file recording and playback to record in high-quality WAVE format or compressed MP3 right in the recorder Built-in high-quality stereo condenser microphone for great audio quality without adding an additional mic Variable-angle microphone mechanism so you can vary the angle of the microphone so it points towards the top or the front of the unit for tabletop or shirt pocket recording A-B stereo microphone configuration: two separate microphone capsules arranged in a similar configuration to human hearing Powered external mic input so you can add your own microphone for a different sound Switchable low-cut filter to filter low-frequency noise like wind or rumble Analog auto gain control to automatically set the ideal recording level A built-in long-life rechargable lithium-ion battery USB 2.0 connection to computer for high-speed transfer of recordings for editing and mastering Overdub function to record narration, singing, or other instruments on top of an existing recording On-board reverb effect to add hall or room reverb effects to a recording on playback Built-in tuner and vocal cancel features to sing along with the music and measure how flat you're singing Applications: Live recording Band rehearsal recording Electronic news gathering (ENG) Educational recording Field recording

Shipping Cost: $12.00


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