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Manufacturer: DENON
Model Number: AH-C551K
Price: $99.99

Lots of new ear canal headphones flooding the market mean lots of choices for on-the-go listeners seeking to improve their iPod, laptop/PC, or Mp3 player sound quality. Of course, that also means lots of products at nearly equal pricepoints offering similar levels of audio performance. So how does one know whether the Denon AH-C551k earphone is the one for them? Well, it's no blithe decision but at least we know DENON build quality has traditionally been amongst the most durable in the industry -- they've been making many consumer electronics products very well for a long time -- so we can count on the C551k's long lifespan almost as a given. The audio performance of the very well-priced C551 is equally rock-solid with a clean, evenly toned musical presentation that is smooth & musically well-detailed but perhaps lacks the extended timbral precision and analytical resolution expected from the most top-shelf (and certainly MUCH more expensive!) earphones available on the audiophile market. Overall, the DENON AH-C551k delivers great sound quality given their nice pricepoint and are a strong 'audio-bang-for-the-dollar' value for quality in-ear monitor seekers. The DENON AH-C551k are manufactured in a slick all-black look with a machined aluminum housing & connector cover for maximized durability, reduced outer armature vibration, and best sound quality potential. The C551k features the renown proprietary DENON 'Acoustic Optimizer' port vent that allows for a more open-toned, spacious soundstage presentation versus standard fully-sealed in-ear canal headphone [ECH] designs. You'll likely lose a bit of overall isolation/noise-blocking ability due to the open port but the ambient noise trade-off might be OK if thoroughly isolating noise-blocking is not your main earphone decision factor. The flat-back ported earpieces on the C551k are slightly oversize but still tend to offer a decently comfortable, ergonomic fit for most listeners. The DENON AH-C551k packaging includes 3 sizes of black silicon eartip sleeves in Sm/Md/Lg. The Denon earphone cord is a modular design with a 0.5 meter 'Y'-type OFC cable extending from the earphones and a longer 0.8 meter (31" inch) extension cord provided, allowing for a total run of around 1.3 meter of cable out to your audio source. The cord is terminated to a right-angle 3.5mm (1/8") mini-plug into the source. Also included is a nifty hard-sided clamshell storage/travel case. The 1-year manufacturer's warranty is handled exclusively by DENON worlwide.

Color: Black Driver Unit: 11mm Frequency Response: 15 Hz- 24 kHz Impedance: 16 Ohms Sensitivity: 104dB Inputs / Outputs Termination: 3.5mm Stereo Male Type Dynamic type Drive units ø 11 mm Neodymium magnet Input impedance 16 O/ohms Sensitivity 104 dB/mW Maximum input 250 mW Frequency response 15 - 24,000 Hz Weight 5.4 g (not including cable) Cable length 0.5m OFC Cable ø3.5mm Stereo mini-plug (1.3m total cable length with 0.8m extension cable) Plug ø3.5 mm gold-plated, stereo mini plug

Shipping Cost: $6.00


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