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Denon DN-C640 Slot-In Network CD Player

Manufacturer: DENON
Model Number: DNC640
Price: $670.00

In our world of multifunctional electronics, it seems there is no combination of digital functions that hasn't been marketed. The key, of course, is meeting people's needs. So we have a camera on a cellphone, a game console with a media player, etc. The key to defining an object's basic nature is its form factor. The new DN-C640 from Denon Professional is, at the heart of it, a full featured, rack-mounted network CD player. But note the word "Professional" in the brand name. With a combination of flexible file formats, network control, and comprehensive inputs and outputs, this machine takes the "CD player" concept to new heights.

1 RU Rackmount Size Supports CD-DA (.cda), WAVE (.wav), MPEG-1/2 Layer III(.mp3), MPEG-1 Layer II (.mpg), Windows Media Audio (.wma) Slot in CD/DVD drive +/- 12% Pitch Control Quick Replay Feature End Monitor and User-selectable Finish Mode Features Cue to Music (with dedicated button) Program Play Balanced Audio Output

Shipping Cost: $18.00


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