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Denon DN-HD2500 Hard Disk Media Player/Controller

Manufacturer: DENON
Model Number: DNHD2500
Price: $680.00

Denon's DN-HD2500 is an all-in-one portable DJ center designed to accommodate the DJ's shift away from vinyl towards digital media. The 2500's turntable is a powerhouse that gives the DJ the familiar feel of old school methods with the versatility of the new media. This digital turntable houses dueling CD/MP3 spinners and a shock-resistant internal 2.5-inch hard drive for to hold your music collection. The ability to connect additional devices from virtually all-existing storage media, including iPods, external HDs and USB flash drives allows for infinite extensions to the library. A small screen in the center allows setup, queuing, and beat matching. The Denon DN-HD2500 comes complete with Music Manager software which includes a highly refined search system that allows you to navigate through any files connected to the system using criteria such as playlist, artist, album, title, genre, year, and BPM. Other features include scratching, seamless looping, and a ton of special effects. To see all current upgrades and feature changes, visit Denon's home page.

Professional media player & controller Internal 40GB hard disk Supports up to 4 external USB portable devices Intuitive file navigation system Supports USB keyboard 3.8" high resolution LCD display Music Manager PC software included Supports DN-D4500/DN-D4000 drive units for disc playback 7 On-board Effects: (Echo, Echo Loop, Flanger, Filter, Drag-S, Brake, Reverse) Next file function Playlist function (create, edit / import, export .m3u/.xml) 2 Hot Starts & Seamless Loops (per Deck) A/B point loop trim Key adjust Internal cue point memory Touch sensitive scratch disc 3-way BPM counter: (auto, tap, manual input) 6 pitch ranges w/deep resolution Fader start compatible Digital outputs Software upgradeable USB MIDI Interface to control PC Software New USB AUDIO Interface (ASIO Driver) added International Keyboard support Quick Jump support for BU4500/DND4500 models Improved bugs listed with the firmware download on Denon's website

Shipping Cost: $20.00


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