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Martin FX130 Flexible Core Silk and Phosphor Acoustic Guitar Strings

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model Number: MFX130
Price: $7.00

Martin announces a new addition to the Martin FX Flexible Core acoustic string product line. The MFX130, in Custom gauging, is built on round core wire wrapped with a silk-nylon and then finished with phosphor bronze wrap. This design results in a sweet and melodic string with remarkable playability at any fret position. The high-quality carbon steel round core wire has high tensile strength to give the FX increased durability, allowing you to stay in tune and play longer. The round core wire and custom gauging also reduces finger fatigue and permits quicker transitions from string to string. Users of the FX sets will note the increased sustain, brilliant attack and cleaner harmonic overtones. These strings have superior consistency in performance from string to string and set to set. Gauges: 11-13-23w-28w-38w-47w


Shipping Cost: $4.00


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