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Gibson Pickups - 57 Classic, Nickel (IM57R-NH)

Manufacturer: GIBSON
Model Number: IM57R-NH
Price: $120.00

Authentic right down to the original “Patent Applied For” decal on the threaded nickel baseplate. Every detail is carefully matched, the enamel coated wire, maple spacers, the smooth tone of Gibson's alnico magnets right down to the coil bobbins which are made from the original molds. The outstanding tone of this pickup is true vintage- warm, with sweet highs and a rich, full low end response. Suitable for bridge or neck position. Two conductor wiring. How They're Made All Gibson Pickups incorporate superior construction for the absolute peak in performance, even under the most punishing conditions. When you discover how well-made Gibson pickups are, you’ll appreciate their value and they bear the Gibson name. That’s why they’re the choice of top professionals around the world! No Gaps Between the Pole Pieces and the Baseplate Gaps between the pole pieces and unit baseplates of a pickup are sources for sound penetration. This can create unwanted feedback that makes pickups “squeal” when used to overdrive amps. The fit between all Gibson Pickup pole pieces and base plates is tight with absolutely no gaps. Gibson threads the pole pieces through the base plate, which eliminates sound penetration in addition to increasing the structural integrity of the unit. Specially Made Magnets Gibson magnetizes our own magnets to ensure the total reliability of each magnet’s performance. Critical magnetic flux is maintained for the perfect combination of output without sacrificing tonal characteristics. Machined Pole Shoe The pole shoe is a critical component in a pickup. It is positioned between the coil forms and the unit base plate in order to provide support and guide the pole pieces through to the threaded slots. This hand machined manufacturing process is identical to the original methods used during the fifties for Gibson Pickup production. Most pole shoes are stamped and can deform during production. Gibson’s machined pole shoes fit snugly in the pickup. A better fitting pole shoe will not vibrate and reduces microphonic effects. Maple Wooden Spacers Maple spacers adhere and form to the metal unit base plate and to the coil form when they are compressed in pickup final assembly. They provide additional support for the coil forms and reduce unit vibrations that can cause unwanted microphonic feedback. High Quality Cover Materials The standard German Silver cover with nickel, chrome or 24K gold plating provides additional strength and durability, yet is more sonically transparent than other materials that are used (such as brass). That means less high-end loss. The optional 24K gold plated cover will last longer and not rub off as do other less expensive gold plating options. Four-Conductor or Vintage Two-Conductor Wiring The ’57 Classic, ’57 Classic Plus, P-90, P-100 and Mini- Humbuckers feature vintage style two-conductor leads, while all other models feature four-conductor leads for all wiring variations such as series, parallel or split-coil operation. Full Wax Potting Every Gibson pickup is potted in a special wax bath to insure that microphonic feedback due to internal vibration is eliminated. All covered models receive a second wax bath to further protect the pickup.


Shipping Cost: $9.99


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