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Barcus-Berry Maplebar Magnetic Soundhole Pickup for Acoustic Guitar

Manufacturer: BARCUS-BERRY
Model Number: MAPLEBAR
Price: $40.00

The "Best Selling" Maplebar single-coil pickup drops neatly into the soundhole of your favorite acoustic guitar to faithfully reproduce its clear, warm tone. Constructed within an American Hard Rock Maple housing, the Maplebar slides easily into the soundhole without tools or modification to the instrument. Foam rubber covered slots hold it in place without damage, and a 12' cable with 1/4" plug connects it to your sound source. For steel-string flat top acoustic guitars with a round

Specifically designed for use with any steel string flat top acoustic guitar with a round soundhole. Produces extremely low distortion, fast response, high output and uniform string balance. Slides quickly and effortlessly into the soundhole without tools or modification to the instrument

Shipping Cost: $9.99


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