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Casio Keyboard - Casio WK500 76-Key Electronic Keyboard

Manufacturer: CASIO
Model Number: WK500
Price: $299.95

The Casio WK500 Electronic Keyboard is built with the use of Casio's new AHL sound technology! The AHL (Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-waveform) technology boasts a realistic reproduction of tones from pianos to organs and more. With 48 notes of polyphony, these new keyboards ensure that all sounds played are heard, even when playing complex parts with the aid of on-board accompaniment. This keyboard also features piano-style keys for a more natural feel. Equipped with built-in sampling features, you can record any sound or musical phrases using the microphone (or audio input) jack and then play them back on the keyboard. Casio has taken great leaps in upgrading the Step Up Lesson function those just starting to learn. Young and growing musicians can learn to play songs phrase-by-phrase by listening to the progression, watching the LCD screen to see where to play and then repeating the simple parts on the keyboard this process will help any new player learn through memory by playing the song phrases with little assistance.

Casio Keyboard - Casio WK500 Features: Digital Effects Real Time Recording On-Board Sampling Pitch bend wheel SD Card slot Backlit LCD display Phrase by Phrase lessons USB Port for PC Connectivity Line Out Also Includes songbook & score stand Technical Info Keys: 76 (Piano-style with Touch Response) Tones: 670 Tones Rhythms: - 200 Preset Rhythms - 10 User rhythms One touch presets: (200 sets) Songs: 152 built-in songs Phrases: 50 Brain Boost Phrases Recording Memory: - 5 songs - 6 tracks (per song) On Board Sampling: - Microphone input jack - Line level Audio input jack Size (WxDxH): 46 3/4 x 15 3/4 x 6 1/8 in. (945 x 737 x 131 mm) Weight: 17.2 lbs (approx.) Batteries: 6 x AA size (not supplied)

Shipping Cost: $22.00


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