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Numark CDX CD Turntable System for DJs CDX

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: CDX
Price: $699.00

The Numark CDX is a CD turntable system that delivers the convenience of CD libraries with the authenticity and feel of vinyl records. The CDX supports CD, CDR and MP3 CD formats and the ultra-high torque, direct drive platter provides professional back cuing, scratch and overall vinyl-like manipulation. Authentic scratch and seamless looping tools are provided and a multi-effects engine provides beat-synced echo, filter, sonar and slide effects. Additional features include RCA analog, S/PDIF digital and MIDI I/O connections. The Numark CDX is bridges the gap for DJs who prefer CD over vinyl, but prefer the feel and manipulation of turntables. • Flexible CD Format Support The CDX supports playback from CD, CDR and MP3 CD formats. • High-Torque Motor High torque, direct drive motor provides authentic vinyl record control and feel. • Vinyl Effects Authentic scratch and looping effects are provided. • Digital Effects Engine Beat synced digital effects include echo, filter, sonar and slide effects. • Flexible I/O Analog RCA and S/PDIF outputs are provided for audio connection to analog and digital devices. • Extreme Pitch Range +/- 100% pitch control range is provided for enhanced control and effect.


Shipping Cost: $25.00


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