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Electro Voice TX1152FM TourX Stage Monitor 15 inch, 1000 watts

Manufacturer: EV
Model Number: tx1152fm
Price: $700.00

Redefining the world of stage monitors the Electro Voice TourX uses innovative Electro Voice engineering in their TX1152FM model stage monitors. Boasting a split baffle design this monitor moves the acoustic origins of the woofer and compression driver close to each other while turning the baffle into a port giving the enclosure the ability to be more compact. Combine this with built-in SST (Signal Synchronized Transducers) and you get monitors that produce near perfect phase summation! The Backbone grille gives the monitor a sleek image while making it much stronger and more dependable than simple grille block designs.

55 degree Vertical Floor Monitor Signal Synchronized Transducers DH3 1.25 inch Diaphragm 1 inch Exit Pure Titanium Compression Driver SMX2151 15 inch LF Transducer with Fully Symmetric Drive Integrated Crossover with Steep 24 dB Octave Slopes and HF Protection Handling Ergonomic handles Angled input panels

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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