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Electro Voice Mb500

Manufacturer: EV
Model Number: MB500
Price: $140.00

Electro Voice Mb500 Electro Voice Mb500 Description: The Mb500 installation kit consists of a U-bracket, two mounting plates, eight M8 x 1.25 hex-head bolts, eight 5/16 lock washers, two M12 x 1.75 hex-head bolts, two 3/8 lock washers, two friction washers, two 1/2 lock washers, and two 3/8-24 hex-head bolts. The robust design of the Mb500 installation bracket allows the System 2000 speaker to be mounted with a rotation of +/-30° to obtain the desired sound coverage in almost any position. The Mb500 bracket "captures" the speaker in a rigid frame which has structurally sound locations for attaching rigging hardware. These attachment points are four 1/2" diameter holes located on the ends of the bracket. A 3/8" "quick link" (or similar hardware) can be connected readily to each attachment point. System 2000 speakers can be flown vertically individually or in pairs. Arrays of two to six speakers are securely supported in a frame comprised of Mb500 and Mb600 brackets. To create a horizontal array, two Mb500 brackets are simply locked into the correct alignment position using the brackets from the Mb600 horizontal array kit. The array is extended by using one additional Mb500 bracket and one Mb600 kit for each additional speaker. To complete the circle for a six speaker array, one additional Mb600 kit is required. Get your Electro Voice Mb500 today!


Shipping Cost: $9.00


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