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Electro Voice PA2400T 2x400 Watt Commercial Power Amplifier

Manufacturer: EV
Model Number: PA2400T
Price: $840.00

The Electro-Voice PA2400T is from the PA series of professional commercial audio amplifiers. The direct-path airflow design significantly reduces heat buildup and allows for more amplifier channels and output power in slim, two-rack space chassis.

2 x 430W at 50/70/100V or 4 * Ohms 2 U Rack Space Chassis * Rear Level Controls Complete * Protection Package Bridge mode operation provides 1 x 860W at 8 ohms Selectable 50Hz or 300Hz hi-pass filter for each channel Phoenix * Type Inputs Phoenix Type * Outputs High Efficiency Circuit * Design Front Panel Power On/Off

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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