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Electro Voice SX100E - 12" 2-Way 200 Watt Speaker

Manufacturer: EV
Model Number: SX100E
Price: $455.00

Extremely powerful, efficient and accurate 2-way PA cabinets, the SX100E, SX300 and SX500 deliver more output than you ever thought possible from cabinets of their size. EV's breakthrough Ring-Mode Decoupling produces ultra-clear performance by reducing unwanted resonance within the cabinet, making even slight tonal variations easy to distinguish. To produce their high SPL ratings (like 126dB continuous, 132dB peak on the SX500), the cabinets feature cast-frame woofers with 14 lb. magnets, and large-mouth horns molded into the enclosures that carefully direct all that power into the room, and not at the wall. Specs include 60-20,000Hz frequency response. The SX500 was recently upgraded to include a DH2t HF driver with a 2 inch voice coil. This results in a smoother response in the crossover region, better high-end response, lower distortion between 1kHz and 8kHz. These unique cabinets are made of molded polypropylene structural foam that's incredibly strong for its relatively light weight. The cabinets provide a built-in stand adapter as well as threaded inserts for permanent installations. The SX100E handles 200 watts of continuous power (800 watts peak). The SX300 handles 300 watts (1,200W peak) and the SX500 handles 400 (1,600W peak). 200-Watt 12-Inch Two-Way Portable Speaker System

High efficiency/High output Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMD™) Pure titanium compression driver 65° x 65° coverage Molded in rigging points Stand mountable

Shipping Cost: $24.99


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