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Cobra® 29 LTD BT CB Radio with Bluetooth®

Manufacturer: Cobra
Model Number: 29LTDBT
Price: $169.99

For Bluetooth calls on your radio. Communicate safely and easily with the 29 LTD BT CB radio from Cobra. This Bluetooth-enabled CB radio provides you with a better way to have phone conversations on the road. Now you can synch your wireless phone with your CB radio. Plus, it gives you one-touch Bluetooth operation, so you can stay focused on the road.

Gives you Bluetooth technology on your CB radio, allowing you to make and receive phone calls. One-touch Bluetooth operation lets you answer and end calls with the touch of a button. Phone calls come in loud and clear through the 5 watt CB speaker. Noise-canceling microphone allows crystal-clear communication even in a noisy environment. Auto redial gives you the ability to call the last number you dialed with just the touch of a button Blue channel indicator lights up your display with a cool blue illumination. What's in the box? CB transceiver, Microphone with Bluetooth button, Transceiver bracket, Microphone bracket, Operating manual, DC power cord.

Shipping Cost: $18.00


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