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Radar/Laser Detector with "Pop" and "Lidar" Detection - Red LEDs

Manufacturer: Escort
Model Number: 8500X50RD
Price: $269.99

Radar/Laser Detector with "Pop" and "Lidar" Detection - Red LEDs

360° Radar and Laser Detection with Selectable "POP" Mode Advanced Reprogrammable Microprocessor X-treme Radar Range X-tremely Quiet High-Performance Laser Protection with Multiple Laser Sensors AutoSensitivity Mode Reduces False Alarms Advanced EZ-Programming 3 High-Resolution Meter Modes Ultra-Bright Matrix Display with 280 LEDs Completely Immune to the VG-2 "Detector-Detector" Additional Features: Mute and AutoMute, 3 Levels of Brightness Control, Includes a Comprehensive Owner s Manual, Quick-Release Windshield Mount, Built-In Earphone Jack, a Coiled SmartCord, Quick Reference Card, and an Escort Travel Case

Shipping Cost: $22.00


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