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Altman 65Q Fresnel, Hanging - 750 Watts

Manufacturer: Altman
Model Number: 65Q
Price: $165.00

A lightweight, short throw, all purpose lighting device the 6" fresnel produces a soft edged beam which varies in diameter from 4.2 feet to 21 feet at a throw distance of 15 feet for the 65Q. The 65Q is designed for operation with the long life, high intensity tungsten halogen lamps. The Luminaire is used in theatre for acting area lighting where beam shaping is not required or in television studios for key and backlighting. Other uses include nightclubs, museums and show windows where soft edge controlled lighting is required. The 65Q focus adjustment is a manual slider with a wing nut to tighten.

•Excellent as a fill light •Slide assembly on the bottom adjusts the light from flood to spot •Includes hanging bracket and a 7.5" x 7.5" slide-in color frame •Lamps and AC Plug Included (uses 500 watt BTL or 750 watt BTN lamp)

Shipping Cost: $29.00


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