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Gemini TT-1100 USB Belt-Drive Turntable

Manufacturer: GEMINI
Model Number: TT-1100USB
Price: $139.95

The Gemini TT-1100 USB is a fully manual belt-drive DJ turntable with a solid aluminum platter on a sharp battle/club design. It has a fully adjustable counterweight and anti-skating controls, and a MOTOR OFF/ON button for slower braking, ensuring smoother braking of your favorite vinyl. It can handle 33/45/78rpm vinyl with reverse playback capability. The Gemini TT-1100 turntable has line-level RCA outputs (with built-in pre-amp) as well as USB computer connectivity for both PCs and Macs so you can turn your old-school records into digital MP3s with the help of the included Audacity recording software. The Gemini turntable also features a +/-10% variable pitch slider, and comes with a 45 adapter, CN-15 cartridge, felt slipmat, and detachable RCA and ground cables.

Fully manual belt-drive turntable Battle- and club-style design +/-10% variable pitch slider Solid aluminum platter USB computer connectivity for PC and Mac Audacity recording software included Line-level RCA outputs (with built in pre amp) Fully adjustable counter weight & anti-skating controls 33/45/78rpm, reverse playback capability Dual soft-touch start/stop buttons Motor Off button for slower braking Headshell and 45 adapter included CN-15 cartridge & felt slipmat included Detachable RCA & ground cables

Shipping Cost: $19.99



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