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Manufacturer: MBT
Model Number: SPOTDMX
Price: $440.00

The SPOTDMX FOLLOWSPOT is perfect for use in churches, schools, ballrooms, clubs and more. With 7 colors plus white, the SPOTDMX FOLLOWSPOT is rated for use from 20 feet to 90 feet with a manual iris controller for adjustable spot size. The SPOTDMX comes complete with push-button color selection control and push-button adjustable dimmer control. Two focusing lenses are adjustable for a crisp-edge spot of soft edge wash.

The SPOTDMX FOLLOWSPOT includes a DMX/Manual mode selector switch, which in DMX mode can be used with any standard DMX controller occupying two channels: color-select and dimming. The DMX channel selection buttons have an LED display and 3-pin XLR DMX input and output. Includes a 82V/360W lamp, mounting bracket and tripod stand.

Shipping Cost: $29.99


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