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Barcus Berry Soulmate Clip-Style Chromatic Tuner

Manufacturer: Barcus Berry
Model Number: SOULMATE
Price: $29.99

The Soul Mate™ is a clip-on automatic chromatic tuner with backlight LCD screen that tunes by picking up vibrations directly from your instrument. This remarkable tuner can also easily transpose instruments into any key with extreme accuracy. Unaffected by outside ambient noise, it has 12-note full range capacity and can easily transpose into all keys with an easy-to-read, illuminated, wide LCD screen that acts like a tuning meter.

Automatic chromatic tuner Built-in vibration sensor for extremely accurate tuning Tuning is not effected by ambient noise Easy to read LCD acts like a tuning meter Backlight illuminates LCD panel Tuning range: 12-note full range chromatic, A2-B7 "A" Calibration: 430-449Hz in 1Hz steps "Quadra flat tuning"-no need to remove capo Transpose: C#~B- 11 steps Wide screen LCD simulates a tuning meter Tolerance: +/- 0.5 cents, uses quartz crystal Clearly shows how sharp and flat you are in cents Auto power off- after 3 minutes with no signal

Shipping Cost: $9.99


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