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Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model Number: MAC-2000 WASH XB
Price: $14,990.00

Martin MAC 2000 E Wash The MAC 2000 Wash is the industry´s wash light of choice. It is exceptionally powerful with a clean, even, soft-edged beam, a motorized zoom and rich CMY color mixing supplemented with two color wheels. One of the most exciting developments for the MAC 2000 Wash will be the release of an optional motorized barndoor module by September 2002. A barndoor mechanism consists of four plates which fit onto the front of the fixture and allow you to cut the beam wherever desired. For instance in theatres, it is usual to cut the light so that it does not hit the audience. Barndoors are commonplace on almost all generic washlight fixtures in theatres, television studios, and concerts. However, in this traditional form they are always positioned manually. Where Martin Professional is taking a step forward is to have these under motorized control, operated from your DMX console and with the same flexibility as in conventional systems. Dimmer / Shutter: The MAC 2000 Wash comes complete with a combined dimmer / shutter system which provides both full microstep dimming and a variable speed strobe. The strobe can also be dimmed whilst running. Within the fixture menu are two dimming curves which can be selected. One dimmer curve is best suited to fast fade times, whilst the other gives more control within the final 25% and is better suited to longer fade times. Movement: 3 phase motors provide smooth and accurate movement to the head itself at both fast and slow speeds. Control can be done with both 8-bit and 16-bit, selectable via the onboard fixture menu. The total movement is 540 degrees Pan and 267 degrees Tilt. Electrical: As a first for this type of fixture, the MAC 2000 Wash is fitted with a switch mode power supply. This auto detects the local voltage and frequency being supplied to the fixture and adjusts its power settings automatically with no need for any re-wiring by technicians. This is a great feature, whether you are taking the fixture from one country to another with a different electrical supply, or even if you are running equipment from generators one day and then a mains electrical system the next. The switch mode power supply works at 50 or 60 Hz at voltages from 100–130 and 200–260. The MAC 2000 Wash is available exclusively with electronic ballast to give the added advantages of flicker free operation, hot lamp restrike, extended lamp life and a 700 Watt power saving mode. This feature activates automatically when the shutter has been brought in for more than 10 seconds, reducing power consumption. The fixture reverts to 1200 Watts as soon as the shutter is reopened. Control: The MAC 2000 Wash has both 3 pin and 5 pin XLR connectors on board for its DMX control connection. The fixture uses either 18 or 20 channels, depending on whether you run the fixture with 8 or 16 bit movement control. 5 channels of DMX allocation are included in the fixture personality for the motorized barn door system - whether they are connected to the fixture or not. These channels have been left in deliberately to save on re-programming should a designer wish to add barndoors after a fixture has been hung and already programmed. Flightcases: The MAC 2000 Wash is available in single or dual flight cases constructed in tough water-repellant ply. Upgrade MAC 2000 Wash XB performance The Upgrade Kit rejuvenates your stock of MAC 2000 Wash fixtures, raising the performance to MAC 2000 Wash XB levels. The Upgrade Kit includes a new 1500 watt lamp, lamp socket module, electronic ballast, starter, heat filter, fans for more efficient cooling, color mixing module, base cover plates with new logo plus other minor parts. The Upgrade Kit can be installed quickly and easily, with the skilled assistance of a technician from your local Martin partner. As part of the Upgrade Kit, Martin offers a buy-back program, where you can return the electronic ballast from your current MAC 2000 Wash fixtures, making

• 1200 W SharXS HTI discharge lamp • Extremely high light output – up to 33,000 lumens • Even CMY color mixing • Variable CTC • 2 additional color wheels with replaceable filters • Flexibility of lens options – Fresnel, PC and Super-wide • Motorized zoom • Exclusively with electronic ballast – reduced weight of 34 kg • Switch mode power supply • Motorized barn door module soon available

Shipping Cost: $149.99


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