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Martin Mania DC3 115-120v 50-60Hz

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model Number: MANIA DC3
Price: $294.99

MARTIN MANIA DC-3 OIL PROJECTOR The Martin Mania DC-3 “oil” effect is a decoration tool which projects sensational oil wheel images and creates psychedelic patterns for any show, club or party. A variable focus allows you to blur the edges of your projected image while a variable speed control lets you keep pace with the music. Gobos can also be placed in the DC-3 to frame the oil wheel image and give depth to your show. As with ever fixture in the Mania series (and unlike most other lighting fixtures), the DC-3 has no duty cycle, which means there are no cool down periods and no stopping the show.

Groovy oil wheel decoration effect Manual focus with 25° or 32° spread angle (optional 43°) Speed and direction control of oil wheel for total versatility Gobo pattern slot for special framing or gobo effects No duty cycle – no stopping your show - lights all night! Includes hanging bracket and 250 watt halogen lamp (#EVC) Size: 12.3´´l x 9.8´´w x 14.2´´h. Wt. 14 lbs.

Shipping Cost: $19.99



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