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Antari Z-300 II smoke and have machine

Manufacturer: Antari
Model Number: Z-300 MKII
Price: $264.99

The Z Series represents Antari's most successful range of machines. These units have exceptional features which make them an ideal consideration for a wide range of uses and applications. Features for different units in the Z-Series line include on-board DMX, full function LCD screen remotes, patented ECO thermal control (allows stable output, reduces warm-up times, all while increasing volume and duration), aluminum heater blocks and distinctive silver case design. The Z Series is designed to appeal to the widest cross-section of fog and fazer machine users. At one end, the F-80Z is perfect for mobile DJ's all the way to the Z-3000 which combines all of the advanced features in the line into one high output machine that is designed for the lighting or club installation professional

700 Watt Heater. The reliability of a fog machine with the silent operation of a hazer. Constant output. Uses standard fog liquid. Steady haze, no bursts of fog. Variable volume. Multi-function timer remote controller included. No air compressor required. Adjustable levels to suit any room. ECO advanced thermal control system Z-6 remote control included Options: EXT-5 extension cable Power: AC100V/ AC120V/ AC230V/ AC240V,50Hz-60Hz Fuse: 120V/7A, 230V/3.15A Warm-up time: 4 minutes Output: 2,000 cuft. / min. Tank capacity: 1.3 liters

Shipping Cost: $9.99


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