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JBL EON 515 EON515 15"" Powered Portable PA Speaker

Manufacturer: JBL
Model Number: EON515
Price: $734.99

The JBL EON515 is a 15-inch, two-way, powered, portable speaker system. Capable of reproducing full bandwidth sound at high levels it offers the additional utility of a 3 channel built-in mixer. The EON515 speaker is comprised of a 15" Differential Drive woofer, a 1" neodymium high frequency compression driver coupled to a 100° H by 60° V waveguide. Both components are driven by the discrete channels of a 450 W Crown Class-D integrated power amplifier. The input section contains all crossover functions, protection, and audio mixer functionality. The mixer offers XLR or 1/4-inch TRS phone jack compatibility. Selectable input sensitivities allow a broad range of devices to be properly matched. A unique mix/loop signal low router provides opportunities for daisy chaining or gigging with the built-in mixer only. Pre-engineered system EQs allow for matching the settings to the actual source material. In the "cut" position maximum level can be achieved for speech reproduction by reducing need to reinforce the lower frequencies. This is also a typical setting when using the PA speaker system as a floor monitor, reducing low frequency build-up that occurs naturally when placed on a floor. The "flat" setting is ideal for live music and the "boost" for reproducing low level pre-recorded music, delivering extra low and high frequency energy. The signal present and limit lights indicate performance status. JBL included an additional switch that kills the illuminated logo in theater applications.

450 W high-performance powered speaker system True portability weighing only 32.5 lb. Multiple handles with comfort grips for easy transport 15" Differential Drive low-frequency driver with neodymium magnet for low-distortion and light weight 1" throat diameter next generation JBL neodymium compression driver Efficient Crown Class-D amplifier technology Built-in 3 channel mixer 100° H x 60° V asymmetrical wave guide for uniform audience coverage Line level and direct microphone input capability Selectable pre-engineered EQ settings Unique mix/loop signal flow function for extended system application Easy "daisy-chain" connections for extending the system Integrated M10 suspension points for easy rigging Multi-angle enclosure for main or monitor applications Integrated 36 mm pole mount socket with stabilizing securing screw Highly designed composite enclosures for durability, lightweight, and acoustic performance

Shipping Cost: $24.99



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