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Numark CDN55 Rack - Mount Professional Dual CD Player

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: CDN55
Price: $184.99

Reliable, skip-proof workhorse. CDN55 is a high-performance CD player. This dual-deck unit plays traditional CDs and CD-Rs and gives you the worry-free performance of Anti-Shock™ buffered skip protection. PROFESSIONAL CONTROLS You can create and integrate seamless loops with CDN55 for creative control. CDN55's pitch bend is easy to use on its multifunction jog wheels. You can also use the large wheels for locating points within the track. RUGGED, ROBUST, AND RELIABLE What happens when the dance floor get jumping? CDs can skip. Not a problem with CDN55. From the company that introduced DJs to Anti-Shock™ buffered electronic skip protection, CDN55 continues the tradition with the security of skip-free performance. CDN55 is housed in a super-rigid metal chassis so it's ready for the road. When you get to the gig and pop the cover, you won't have to worry about your CD player. CDN55 is designed for the working professional who relies on their CD player or needs a no-fail backup player. Get more performance with CDN55. •Anti-Shock™ buffered skip protection for nonstop playback •Seamless looping for easy loop creation and integration •Easy-to-use jog wheels for pitch bend and locating points within the track •Rugged all-metal build for reliable performance •Plays traditional CDs and CD-Rs

•CDN55 control unit •CDN55 drive unit •Interconnection cable •Audio cable (stereo, RCA) •Power cable •Quick start guide

Shipping Cost: $24.99


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