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American DJ Accu Spot 300 DMX Moving Head Fixture

Manufacturer: American DJ
Model Number: ACCU SPOT 300
Price: $895.99

The Accu Spot 300 DJ effect light is an extremely bright 250-watt discharge intelligent moving head, featuring 9 colors plus white and 7 gobos plus spot (including 2 glass gobos) on independent color and gobo wheels. It offers convenient user features like Remote DMX Addressing and a 4-Button DMX Menu. The Accu Spot 300 includes auto focusing via DMX and a rotating 3-facet prism with macros. A fully automated fixture with 360° pan and 265° tilt, capable of sweeping brilliant effects across an entire club or other venue.

RDMX Remote DMX addressing (Change DMX values remotely from any DMX console) Rotating 3-facet prism with macros Auto focusing via DMX 11 DMX Channels 4-Button DMX menu system making it easier to navigate 15-degrees beam angle Auto Repositioning, automatic X-Y repositioning (restores fixture to itås original position should it accidentally get bumped) Multi voltage tap (100V, 120V, 230V & 240V) 9 colors + white 7 gobos + spot (2 glass gobo) - Replaceable gobos Independent gobo and color wheels Gobo Shake effect 360 degree pan / 265 degree tilt v Smart Sense - units automatically recognize if they are in DMX or Master/slave mode Stepper motors with micro stepping High velocity fan - unit stays cool to run all night

Shipping Cost: $0.00



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