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American Audio Audio Genie II USB Phono Interface

Manufacturer: American DJ
Model Number: AUDIO GENIE II
Price: $39.99

The American Audio Genie II Interface is a great way to convert any analog signal into digital files. This easy-to-use audio interface connects directly to your PC by its USB connection. It makes it easy to record audio from your CD player, mixer, effect player, cassette deck, radio, or record player with your computer's built-in audio recorder or your favorite audio-production software. It has a line/phono switch, 2 RCA output jacks for connecting your speakers with built-in amps, mixers, or effect machines, a ground terminal, 2 RCA input jacks for connecting many different types of devices, and an input gain control knob.

American Audio Audio Genie II USB Phono Interface Features: 16-bit/44.1kHz AD/DA converter Line input gain knob Line/ phono selector 2 input - 2 output RCA analog connections USB bus - powered, adapter-free Import audio using these programs (plus others) Windows: Audition Macintosh: GarageBand, Audio Hijack Pro(OSX) Order this simple to use analog signal to digital converter today.

Shipping Cost: $9.99



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