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American Audio CDI 300 MP3 System DJ CD Package

Manufacturer: American DJ
Model Number: CDI 300 MP3 SYS
Price: $699.99

This package deal is ideal for the aspiring mobile DJ, as it provides you with two American Audio CDI 300 MP3 Professional MP3/CD players, a Q-D6 mixer, a case to protect and house them between and during gigs, and the necessary component cables to connect them together. So start getting your favorite songs together, practice a few mixes, and get ready to strut your stuff in front of a crowd. 2 CDI 300 MP3 Professional MP3/CD Players Sturdy and reliable, the CDI 300 MP3 plays MP3s, CDs, and CD-Rs and includes must-haves like sampling and fader "Q" start (when used with compatible American Audio Q-Series mixers). Cue points and samples can be instantly recalled using the unit's 4 flash start sampler buttons, which can each store up to 5-second samples. Also features seamless loop, tempo lock (master tempo), S/PDIF digital output, and anti-shock memory. It provides a range of ±4%, ±8%, ±16%, and up to ±100% "Hyper" pitch control. MP3 features include advanced cueing with track searching by frame (not by each second), quick MP3/CD recognition, and folder search. The display shows track (song) title and artist when an MP3 disc is played. QD6 The Q-D6 3-channel rackmountable Pro DJ mixer is loaded with cool features from top to bottom. These include a DJ microphone jack with volume, treble, bass, and talkover control; Fader Q start; gain, bass, mid, and treble control for each channel; 8 inputs; and balanced outputs. It also has Stream Flow LED indicators on each channel and separate volume for each microphone.

2 CDI 300 MP3 Professional MP3/CD Players Plays MP3, CD, and CD-R discs Display show track listing and artist when a MP3 disc is played Advanced cueing with track searching by frame (not by each second) Quick MP3/CD recognition Folder Search Digital Scratching 2.0 (Accurate Scratching) Visual marker display: Reference point to view where the disc is playing Anti Shock (10 sec.) Seamless loop Fader "Q" start 3 flash start buttons with (5 second sample each button) Tempo Lock 8 Auto BPM Counter Hyper Pitch (±4%, ±8%, ±16%, ±100%) Digital output (S/PDIF) Q-D6: 3-channel pro DJ mixer 2 Phono, 3 Lines, 2 Aux, and 1 microphone input Mini plug input on face of mixer for use with MP3 players Balanced outputs Fader "Q" start compatible Gain, treble, mid, and bass control for each channel (-26dB rotary kills) DJ Mic with volume, treble, bass, and talkover control Stream Flow LED master Level indicators Cue mixing, cue level, and master level control High output to headphones Start booking your gigs. With this gear, you'll look and perform like a pro. Order today.

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