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American DJ Fog Storm 1700HD Fog Machine with Remote

Manufacturer: American DJ
Model Number: FOG STORM 1700HD
Price: $299.00

1,700W High output professional fog machine.

Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS): electronic heater stays hot at all times with no warm-up time between fog blasts • Advanced heater system – Large copper tube prevents clogging • Advanced Cut-Off system warns (with LED indicator) when fluid level is low and stops pumping when fluid has reached the minimum level • Includes American DJ FS-DMXT, DMX Timer Remote • External fog control switch • 15,000 Cubic feet per minute fog output • Warm up time: 8 minutes • 5 Liter removable fog fluid tank • Dimensions: 17.25” x 11” x 11.5” • Weight: 22 lbs. • Output: 15000 cu. ft/min • Tank Capacity: 5 Liter • Fluid Consumption Rate: 7 Min. / Liter Caution: Fog Machines may set off Smoke Alarms!

Shipping Cost: $9.99



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