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American DJ M-500L 12 Inch Mirror Ball Kit With Motor, Pinspot & Gels

Manufacturer: American DJ
Model Number: M 500L
Price: $59.99

12 inch mirrored ball system in a box great for parties of all kinds Glass mirror ball with a solid core great for DJ's nightclubs and house parties system includes mirror ball, motor, pinspot and color gels for pinspot AMERICAN DJ M-500L 12 INCH MIRRORED BALL SYSTEM.Inc 1 PINSPOT, 1 MIRROR BALL MOTOR 1 X 12 INCH MIRROR BALL AND 1X 4 COLOR GEL PACK R,B,G,Y

Product Dimensions: 13 x 17.8 x 13 inches: 13 pounds

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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