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New Gemini TT-1000 Belt Drive Turntable

Manufacturer: Gemini
Model Number: TT-1000
Price: $99.99

TT-1000 Belt Drive Turntable The newly designed TT-1000 is the most economical turntable that can be used in a studio/home setup or on the road. The TT-1000 also offers easy soft touch MOTOR ON/OFF button with LED indicator for quick response on starting the platter and simple one-touch variable 33 and 45 RPM speed buttons. Above all, the TT-1000 continues in the tradition of all the TT-series turntables by offering all the best features, quality, and the feel every Professional DJ expects from Gemini.

Fully manual belt drive turntable Battle and club style design +/-10% Variable pitch slider Solid aluminum platter Fully adjustable counter weight & anti-skating controls 33, 45 and 78 RPM, reverse playback capability Dual soft touch start/stop buttons Motor Off button for slower braking Removable target light (not included) Headshell and 45 adapter included CN-15 cartridge & felt slipmat included Detachable RCA & ground cables Dimensions: 17.67" x 14.56" x 5.7" (449 x 370 x 145 mm) Weight: 8.1 lbs. (4 kg) Shipping: 18 lbs (8.2 kgs)

Shipping Cost: $14.99


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