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Altman 360Q Ellipsoidal Spotlight, 750 Watts - 11 Degrees (120-240VAC)

Manufacturer: ALTMAN
Model Number: 360Q
Price: $299.99

The Altman 6x22 750 watt Ellipsoidal Spotlight is a reflector spotlight with 6" front lens that produces a high intensity sharp, or soft edged beam. Four adjustable integral stainless steel framing shutters provide beam shaping ability and the pattern slot and holder provide the ability to project visual images. Primarily designed for theatre and studio applications. This model has a very narrow 11° field beam spread. It can provide a beam of 240 footcandles 6 feet in diameter from 30 feet away. Its bulb socket is a 2-pin type. Choose a power plug from the Accessories section -- none is included. Models providing different beam spreads, and models with built-in irises are available. This ellipsoidal is also useful in displays, show windows, museums and nightclubs where precision controlled accenting is desirable. • The reflector has over 700 mirror polished surfaces which optimize the optical system for greater light output and a sharper, more controlled focus. • Aluminum die-cast and sheet metal construction • Replacement of bulb requires no tools. • Single focal length models are an economical choice, when compared to zoom ellipsoidals.

Rating:750 watts maximum Socket (Lampholder):2-pin Lens (Condenser): 6" convex Pyrex glass Reflector (Mirror):Polished, multi-faceted aluminum Mounting:C Clamp (510) optional Yoke:Flat bladed fork Cable:36" Teflon leads in black fiberglass sleeving Focusing:Front mounted locking knob control of lens position Weight: 15 lb (6.8 kg) Dimensions:30.5 max (29" min) x 13 x 16.25" (77 (74) x 33 x 41 cm)

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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