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601S Followspot Stage Light

Manufacturer: TIMES SQUARE
Model Number: 601S
Price: $579.99

The 601S is a cabaret followspot ideal for small venues such as theaters, churches and nightclubs. This unit was designed with user-friendly components such as an on/off switch and 25 ft. power cord. It accepts 600-watt quartz lamps and has a typical throw of 75 ft. Hard and soft edge focusing capability. Comes in standard black

Features: · Accepts 600-watt quartz lamps; · 25 - 75 ft. throw; · Iris control; · Internal muffin fan; · On/off switch; · 25’ power cord; · Adjustable castered tripod stand supplied with 601S; · Optional color boom with 4 colors and dowser available. Accessories: · Color Boom with 4-Color Gel Pack and Dowser Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer warranty.

Shipping Cost: $29.99


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